Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Rise Of The Fitness Video

The Rise Of The Fitness Video
By Michelle Bery

For exercise enthusiasts, a workout usually means a trip to the gym, where they partake in group aerobic classes and workout among the weights and machines. But for others, the gym may be cost-prohibitive or may not suit their personal preferences or lifestyle. For such people, the fitness video has opened up a whole new world of exercise options - allowing a healthy and effective workout right in the privacy and comfort of their own home.
The fitness video has grown in popularity right alongside the workout scene and the rise of the VCR. As more and more people hit the gym and more and more people purchased VCRs, there came a realization of the availability in the marketplace for instructional videos that would allow those who were interested in working out at home the opportunity to do so.
Today, the fitness video is most often purchased in DVD format and the market is flooded with different varieties of videos meant to appeal to people of all fitness levels and with many different interests. Each year sees another crop of videos - each heralding the coming of another fitness craze.
No matter what you choose to do as an exercise program, there is a fitness video for you. You can choose cardiovascular exercise such as step classes, dance workouts - including jazz, ballet, hip-hop, belly dancing, and even strip aerobics; kickboxing; and boot camp. For weight training you will find a bevy of instructional videos meant to walk you through effective weightlifting that will speed results and prevent injury. And the ever-growing popularity of yoga and Pilates has spawned a whole new style of fitness video designed to instruct viewers and make them feel as though they are getting one-on-one training.
In fact, enthusiasts of the fitness video will hardly feel as though they are missing the activity of the gym; such videos are typically filmed in a class setting and can make viewers feel as though they are right there, taking part. Of course, this provides energy and motivation and can help you get through your workout while still having fun.
The benefits of the fitness video - aside from the convenience, privacy, and affordability that comes with working out at home - includes the ability to exercise at your own pace. A fitness video can allow you to stop and start so that you become familiar with each exercise. Not only will this increase your confidence, it will pay off in the form of physical fitness achieved.

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