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How To Differentiate A Top Rated Elliptical Trainer

How To Differentiate A Top Rated Elliptical Trainer
By [] Tim Gorman

As with everything in this world, there are top rated elliptical trainers and lower brand models. The difficulty is differentiating the two from each other without getting suckered into something you do not want to buy. When you begin looking for an elliptical trainer, there are a few components that make up a top rated machine.

The first facet that will separate a top rated elliptical trainer from the rest of the pack is its design. Not all machines are built the same, which is obvious when one is built with rear drive and the other is built with front drive. There are some great front drive elliptical trainers, but many of the best machines offer rear drive.

Another factor that makes up a top rated elliptical trainer is the brake system. The better machines offer an eddy current brake system, which makes for a much smoother motion. There is nothing more annoying than pedaling through a jagged motion, which is annoying and can hurt your knees and joints.

As for the parts that are put into the elliptical, you want to look for quality parts that are heavy-duty and sturdy. The best way to find this out is to research a lot and possibly see the model built in a store. This way you can sit on it and try it out for durability. Just as with a treadmill, a $4000 machine is going to be built much better than a $400 machine.

The next thing that differentiates a top rated elliptical trainer over other models is the resistance levels and preset programs. The more options you have, the more chances you have to vary your workout. If there are only a few resistance levels, it can be difficult to build up and continuously enhance your fitness level. Therefore, the more programs and resistance levels there are the better.

Lastly, look at the warranty that is offered with your machine. Generally, top rated elliptical trainers offer long warranties assuring you that you are covered for the price you pay. Not only does a warranty provide service issues, but it can also reflect the quality of the trainer.

When you begin looking at the different price ranges, most top rated elliptical trainers are going to be in the upper price range. This does not mean you have to purchase the most expensive model to get a top rated elliptical trainer. But you should expect to spend a fair amount more than the lower models to get the features that a top elliptical has to offer.

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