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How To Eat the Best Food For Muscle Building

How To Eat the Best Food For Muscle Building
By Jim Wolchak

Protein and carbs are really the best food for muscle building. Without these two staples of
muscle building you will not realize the benefits that you are working so hard for. How to
eat the best food for muscle building really is contingent on the timing of when you eat.
This article will tell you the best times to eat before and after a workout. I will give you
information on what is the source of energy in your body and how long after a workout
that you should replenish your body with nutrients.

So how long before a workout should you eat? Understanding that you definitely need
energy to get a concentrated intense workout you have to realize that your body needs
carbohydrates. It’s recommended that you nourish yourself 10-20 minutes before you
workout with carbohydrates. Not much but just enough to get you through your workout
building program. Smart choices would be fruit yogurt which contains about 150 calories
or if you work out in the early morning a bowl of cereal should do the trick. A lot of people
don't eat in the morning and that is bad for your body even if you don't work out. You
need to insure that your body has the proper amount of protein and carbohydrates in order
to go through the stresses of the day.

Post workout eating should be within 45 minutes to insure that your body receives the
protein that it needs. Remember that you just put your body through a breaking down
period and your body want nutrients in order to make it grow. Don't count the
calories while you are on a muscle building program either because it’s the protein and
carbohydrates that your body needs to grow.

The source of energy in your body is the type of protein and carbohydrates that you feed
yourself. Making sure that you eat the proper amount of fruits and protein is so important
to the health of yourself and to the success of your muscle building program. Having to
eat the best for muscle building has to revolve the case of protein. Now protein comes in
many different flavors but one of the most popular ways to get it into your body is through
the use of whey.

There has been some controversy surrounding the use of whey as a protein supplement.
This is because whey is a by-product of milk and for some people that is bad because of the
allergic reactions and for some people it does not matter. But the facts remain that the use
of whey as a protein supplement definitely increases vitality and energy within your body.

So I have given you some information on how to eat the best food for muscle building. It
is up to you now to create your muscle building program and start following it in order to
get the results you have always wanted.

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